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Domestic Wood Fired Ovens

900 Outdoor Wood Fired Oven Rendered FlueGolden Embers complements the range of premium quality commercial ovens with a number of domestic wood fired ovens. In many respects Golden Embers Domestic ovens are simply scaled down versions of the commercial units. Golden Embers will normally fabricate and ship complete and ready to operate ovens, with no further work required on site or by the purchaser, other than the fitting of flues and perhaps gas lines. 900 Wood Fired Oven Render and Tiles

THE DOMESTIC OVENS are manufactured with the same quality materials and attention to detail as Golden Embers commercial ovens, and represent the state of the art in domestic wood fire ovens. The principal differences between the domestic and commercial ovens, besides size, are the the thickness of the dome, the depth of the floor, the number of insulation layers and the material used for insulation. For example, a commercial oven floor contains a six inch (15cm) deep heat bank of silica sands, whilst a domestic oven floor contains a two inch (5cm) heat bank. This is because commercial ovens are used continuously so heat retention is importance, whereas domestic ovens are used intermittently, so quick heat up time and insulation is important.

Each domestic oven oven dome is cast as a single piece without seams, joints or metal reinforcing or cladding, which ensures uniform, efficient heat distribution and retention. The domes are all cast from the pure high density, low cement, refractory castles. It is because of the amazing thermal properties of these materials, and the unique parabolic form of the cooking chambers, that Golden Embers ovens can be manufactured as a single piece and perform as well as they do. Golden Embers supply the complete dome, fully insulated, rendered and mounted on a prefabricated floor. All the purchaser need do is place the unit on a suitable base, fit any trim around the base as may be desired, connect a flue or chimney piece and paint or decorate to their own taste.

900 DOmestic Oven Salmon Render900 Domestic Wood Fired Oven OutdoorDomestic ovens can be supplied in deluxe form, fully trimmed, coloured and decorated, with a granite mantle and terracotta arch trim tiles, a domestic tool kit and base frame or BBQ style trolley. Golden Embers domestic ovens are always produced in traditional domed form, but users are not restricted to installing dome shaped ovens. Optional prefabricated surrounds are available to configure the ovens as tubes or squares of any height and customised shapes are available on request.

Although normally free-standing, domestic ovens can also be built in. If they are to be used indoors, then optional indoor insulation must be specified at the time of ordering. Domestic ovens can be equipped with the domestic six stage gas burner system or any of the gas burner systems used with the commercial ovens. If gas backup may be required, it must be specified at the time of ordering so that the burner tubes can be incorporated into the floor during fabrication. Gas burner systems are supplied ready, assembled and tested and "bolt on" below the ovens for rapid connection. Golden Embers gas systems can be configured for Natural Gas, Butane, Propane or LPG use. All burner systems require AGA tier 2 approval on site.

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