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Q What size oven should I be looking at to best suit my restaurant?
A That depends on a number of factors such as: Are you operating a takeaway outlet where you need to be able to offer a range of pizza sizes? How many covers of the various size pizzas do you feel you need to supply per hour? Or are you minimising your range of pizzas’ to say 2 sizes? To some degree, particularly in existing restaurants, you also need to consider how much space you have available or are willing to make available to place a wood oven.
Q How quickly do pizzas’ cook?
A This can vary depending on how your chef/operator prefers to work. We have known some restaurants who operate very happily, churning out pizzas’ in 90 seconds, from start to finish, others prefer 2 ½ to 3 minutes and some even longer. The cook time can be varied and controlled by the temperature you choose to run your oven at. On average we have found 2 to 3 minutes per pizza to be a realistic time which most operators are comfortable working with. Remember that the bottle neck is often the preparation, not the cooking!
Q I don't have any large doorways or removable windows, does that mean I can't fit an oven without major reconstruction?
A Golden Embers ovens can be shipped in a special turning frame which will allow you to install the oven through a standard 3ft (900mm) doorway, on its side, and then turn it back around and lift it onto the frame. To date we have not found any property where we were unable to install one of our ovens.
Q If I remodel or relocate can I take my oven with me?
A Yes you can! As easy as it is to install a Golden Embers oven, it is likewise easy to move or remove it. All Golden Embers ovens can be moved by one person with a standard pallet trolley. The oven is extremely durable and strong and can be easily relocated (with care) without damage. Golden Embers ovens are shipped complete and are a single piece, so there are no segments to move, damage or fall apart during moving.
Q Some suppliers carry on about dome height, is this important?
A Yes dome height is important, as is shape. A good even heat transfer needs a perfect parabola (like a satellite dish) without lumps or bumps, and a low apex of the dome means that heat, which rises, is concentrated near the cooking surface, improving efficiency. Many other manufacturers claim that their domes are lower than ours, this is not true, either they have their facts wrong or are deliberately misrepresenting the facts, Golden Embers domes are as low as or lower than any competitive ovens and are true parabolas, without, lumps, bumps, joints or seams.
Q How long does it take to install an oven and is it a major construction project disrupting business?
A Golden Embers can ship a fully assembled, trimmed and decorated oven which is ready to operate immediately it is installed and flued. Under ideal circumstances, with adequate access, a full installation can be completed in under 2 hours. We have frequently installed ovens in the morning that have been serving product by that afternoon. Unlike our competitors, we are able to deliver the complete finished product (just like taking delivery of a dishwasher) so no construction may be required on site at all.
Q Can we rely on delivery and installation being completed in the time frame requested?
A Yes, provided all facts are disclosed and known and there are no unforeseen events or circumstances, there will be no delays in installation. The only delays which we may institute will be if clients have failed to comply with the agreed payment terms. We are strict on payment terms, and offer very generous settlement discounts, in the same vein we stop all works or unfinished supply immediately there is any breach of the payment terms agreed at the time of order.
Q Do I need gas back up?
A Not essentially. Golden Embers ovens are designed for wood fired operation and run very successfully on wood alone. However some restaurant owners prefer to use gas back up if they feel their staff may not be able to start or maintain an adequate wood fire in the oven. Gas backup is also a simple and effective way to maintain a constant temperature. Some clients choose to use both gas and wood as a means of heating the oven to their chosen full cooking capacity at a quicker rate and to maintain constant temperature throughout the day. Occasionally due to some Council regulations or Heritage Building regulations, gas cooking alone is required.
Q Can I cook on gas alone?
A Yes you may, Golden Embers supply Gas fired dome ovens specifically designed for gas only cooking or you can use the standard gas backup system as the sole heat source.
Q Do I need to cook on metal pizza trays?
A No, the cooking of `wood fired pizzas’ is preferably done directly on the fire bricks which make up the floor of the oven. Any food particles remaining on the bricks will normally quickly burn to ash and can be swept or wiped off as part or the normal routine removal of wood ash etc. before the next cooking cycle begins. If you choose to cook in trays the product will not be the same as that cooked directly on the floor and will take longer to cook.
Q What type of wood is best to use?
A This question has a multitude of answers and many of them depend on what is available in your locality, the type of woods you prefer, the speed you wish to cook at, and so forth. Refer to the data sheets in the Resources Section of this web site and consult with your timber merchant.
Q How much wood does the oven use?
A The average 1.2 metre oven uses approximately 20 to 25 kilograms of wood per 10 hour cooking cycle, which adequately covers the lunch and dinner cycle of any restaurant. Golden Embers ovens use comparatively VERY LITTLE wood.
Q How and where in the oven should I light my fire?
A This once again is largely a personal preference item, most commonly; the fires are lit near the front of the oven, in the centre, to ensure free air supply and rapid start up. The fire is then normally moved to one side. Some people prefer to light the fire in the normal cooking position from the start. Refer to the section in the manual for more detailed notes on this topic.
Q Can I use Firelighters or similar?
A Yes you can, but remember that some firelighters leave odours and residues. If you use firelighters try to use odourless ones and, in any event, do not start cooking until all firelighters are fully burned away.
Q How long does it take to heat up the oven before I wish to cook at peak times?
A In most average commercial situations, where an oven has been used the previous day or evening, it takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour on wood, or gas and wood combined, to heat the oven to a range of 320-350°C / 600-660°F. At this temperature you will be cooking pizzas’ in around 3 minutes. The size of the fire built also relates directly to the speed at which the ovens heat up..
Q Can I run on bottled gas?
A Yes, we do have installations, which, due to their locality, run on bottled gas. Remember to specify the type of gas at your installation when ordering gas burner kits, we can cater for all gas types and most gas pressures.
Q Can Golden Embers connect my chimney and gas for me or do I require a licensed plumber?
A No we do not connect chimneys or plumb gas lines. By law you do need a correctly licensed plumber for this, however we are able to advise on the type of fluing required and also to organise the supply of these items if required.
Q Do I require special Certificates from the Gas Association?
A Yes you do. All components are AGA approved and we will provide much of the necessary paperwork, but your gasfitter will need to get type B or Tier 2 certification for the appliance.
Q Can I cook other foods such as large portions of meat in trays/dishes in the oven?
A Golden Embers ovens can cook any dish that can be prepared in any other oven, but with the added flavour and qualities of wood fired cooking. We have some restaurants that never cook pizzas in our ovens, their fare ranges from seafood through steaks, bakes, breads and grills
Q How quickly can my staff be trained to use a wood fired oven?
A Golden Embers ovens are designed to be user friendly and easy for unskilled persons to become proficient in their use in a short time. We also have contact with highly proficient wood fired chefs who are happy to make themselves available to help train staff for new establishments.
Q Which is the best mix of dough for the best cooking results in the oven?
A Golden Embers can supply a very comprehensive recipe file with the purchase of our commercial grade ovens. However, from the related experience of many chefs, dough with a lot of sugar or milk in the mix can tend to burn quickly at the high temperatures of the ovens, rather than cook evenly, but, other than that, almost any dough works fine.
Q What are the benefits of cooking with wood fired as compared to conventional gas or electric pizza ovens?
A Probably the most significant benefits are the considerable reduction in cooking times (anywhere from 2 minutes or less versus approx. 8 to 15 minutes in gas or electric ovens) and the minimal and efficient use of fuel, whether it is wood or gas. These benefits obviously allow a higher throughput and provide substantial cost savings. Other benefits include the low (near to 'no') maintenance and cleaning required for Golden Embers wood ovens, the enormous appeal to the public of wood fired cooking and the incredible versatility and range of foods that can be prepared in these ovens.
Q I particularly want an oven encased in a steel drum with lifting lugs and so forth, as supplied by your competitors, can you supply these?
A Yes we can supply ovens encased in steel outer drums, in exactly the same manner as is done by our competitors, even though we do not believe that this is the best way to supply our products. This does mean, however, that you will have to do all the finishing and decorative work yourself (just as you would with our competitors products). If you do want a product finished in this way please request an individual quotation as we do not list this format as standard, however ovens supplied in this format will be slightly cheaper than our standard product.
Q How regularly should I have my chimney cleaned and checked by a professional sweep?
A It is the responsibility of the restaurant owner to ensure that any kitchen exhaust system or chimney system is adequately cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, say every six months, to avoid any build up of soot or grease.
Q What should I do if, when operating my oven, I get smoke coming from the tunnel/oven mouth back into the restaurant?
A Check your damper opening in the chimney and adjust it so that adequate draw of air is taking the smoke up through the chimney and not forcing it back into the restaurant. On the other hand, you do not want the damper to be too open, as it will tend to draw the heat up out of the oven and lower your temperature efficiency. If adjusting the damper does not fix the problem you may need to check that your flue is not dirty or obstructed and that the make-up air balance in the kitchen is correct.
Q My gas burner won’t light, what should I do?
A Operators sweeping ashes into the burner tube or pilot light area normally cause this problem, also having used  the burner as an ignition for the wood or using paper to light the fire from the pilot light could have blocked the gas outlet, preventing the gas from igniting. This can normally be easily cleaned out with simple instructions.
Q Does your warranty cover the whole oven?
A The extended warranty covers the structural integrity of the whole oven and in particular the refractory dome. Our standard warranty covers mechanical and decorative components for a shorter period but does not cover maintenance and wear and tear to the exterior, tools, or granite. We do offer maintenance contracts for those clients who seek a total care package.