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Golden Embers wood fired brick ovens and catering equipment

Slate Clad Bluestone Wood Fired OvenGolden Embers Wood Fired Catering Equipment represents the state of the art in performance food production; performance not only in terms of economical operation and fast efficient throughput, but performance in the true theatrical sense. Every wood fired appliance can be the centrepiece of any restaurant, a TRUE THEATER OF CUISINE.

Using concepts and principles tried and proven over thousands of years and combining those concepts with modern design technology and materials, Golden Embers has been able to produce truly exceptional catering equipment.

The mystique of fire, the allure of flames, the aroma of wood-smoke and freshly baked foods and the versatility of design provide the emotive element of attraction of all of Golden Embers’ products.

Sandstock Brick Wood Fired Oven Copper FlueThe amazingly quick cooking times, the ease of use, the fuel efficiency, the negligible maintenance requirements, the low cost of operation and of course the attractive pricing, are but a few of the elements that contribute to the commercial and practical allure of all Golden Embers' wood fired products.

In an age where it is becoming increasingly difficult to competitively, yet economically set ones restaurant apart from the competition, Golden Embers wood fired products offer users an opportunity to truly stand out from the crowd.

Golden Embers manufacture a significant range of quality Wood Fired Pizza Ovens, Bread Ovens, Matza Ovens, Char Grills, Barbecues, Griller Domes, Tandoors, Churrascos, Rotisseries, Charcoal Chicken Machines, and tools and accessories and lead the market in the developement of Automated Conveyor Wood Fired Stone Floor Ovens, as well as a range of mobile food kitchens featuring trailer mounted wood burning brick ovens.

Golden Embers products are used by leading restaurants, worldwide.

Wood Fired Coosking Equipment WallGolden Embers premium quality wood fired catering equipment is sold and installed world-wide, and is in use at many leading hotel and restaurant chains around the world, including; Chorus, Hilton, Inter-Continental, Maritim, Novotel, Radisson, Rendezvous, Shangrila, Sheraton, Vista, Fosters' A.L.H. group, Stewarts Hotels, as well as Brasica, Smorgys, Spargos, Olio Dome, Zouki, and many other, etc.

Golden Embers products are found across the USA and Canada, UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Mauritius, Fiji, Vanuatu, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and as far afield as, Mongolia, Iceland and Costa Rica

Fire into Pizza Graphic Device - Golden EmbersWith Golden Embers Products, you can prepare practically any dish using the magic of fire; bread, pizza, meat, steak, chicken, grills, baked, food, roasts. Whatever your imagination can conjure up, there is a Golden Embers product to prepare that to perfection.

Golden Embers has been a leading innovator and developer of efficient wood fired cooking equipment for discerning hotels, restaurants and home users for almost a quarter of a century.

 Whatever your requirement, be it for personal use, commercial use, or even industrial use, we are confident that you will find a solution within our extensive product range, or that we can design the right product for you.

Browse the site for ideas or call Golden Embers directly or on one of the convenient toll free numbers listed above.